1222 Getty St S, Sauk Centre, Minnesota 56378, US +1 (320) 352-2275
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Amenities at Gopher Prairie Inn

We keep it simple so you save while still having a remarkably pleasant local experience. At this Sauk Centre MN pet friendly hotel, basic amenities that enhance the quality of your experience with us without adding to the price include easy to use free wifi, ample free parking and useful 24-hour front desk service. Every room includes a money-saving refrigerator too. We work to offer you the things you need for a good stay along with the quiet, peaceful experience you want need traveling. Other hotels in Sauk Centre, Minnesota may or may not have what you want and may charge much more.

Amenities & Other Features

  • Free high speed internet
  • Cable TV - Free HBO
  • Refrigerator in every room
  • Microwave in every room
  • Coffee maker in every room
  • Copier/fax
  • Picnic area
  • Handicap accessible room
  • Outside plug-ins
  • All ground level rooms
  • Treadmill
  • Pets Welcome (approval/fee)

Meeting Facilities

Gopher Prairie Inn offers a meeting room that can accommodate up to 49 people.

For any assistance on Accessibility Room availability and Hotel facility information, Or for any special requests kindly contact Hotel : +1 (320) 352-2275


Free high speed internet


Handicap accessible room


Refrigerator in every room